Is this just a bad dream or a nightmare
Written by ScottC   
Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Is this just a bad dream or a nightmare, is it my imagination, or have we lost our minds, its sureal, just not believeable, a grand absurdity, a great deception, a dilusion of momentous purportions that has been and is being played on and within our CA State government to have passed this WRONGFUL dredge ban in Calif. Singled out and banned even with valid peer reviewed scientific proof that refutes all claims this ban alleges.

I am very disappointed in our CA legislators for not hearing both sides of the issue and learning the facts, instead they are only onesided. Dredging has been studied many times and has been concluded that small scale suction dredges have less than sugnificant impact on Water quality and eco systems.

If you read the Calif budget it contains tens of millions of dollars going to environmental groups to study and restore places. All on the tax payers backs, can we afford this anymore.

I am offended by this ban on my rights, that certain people in the state gov don't trust me to be a good stuart of the Federal mining claim I extract minerals from using a dredge. If it was hazardous to fish or humans I simply would not do it. I have studied both sides of the science and beleive Small Scale Dredging is less than sugnificant in impact. And the mercury thing they keep bringing up is nothing more than fear mongering, there are way more water sheds with no mercury in CA than with, and the few that do, most of the mecury is not in the gravel but deep down on the bedrock, most so deep a dredge cannot even get to it.

Politicians PLEASE REACHOUT to your experts and scientists on both sides of this issue and hear both sides before you pass this one size fits all ban in the Golden State, a State I used to be proud of being born in.

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