Mining Rights
Item Title Author Hits
Environmentalists have it WRONG about domestic mining Old Gold Miner 15040
Public land under the ownership of the United States Old Gold Miner 14995
Placer Mining on Oregon Scenic Waterways ScottC 9088
No impact on the water quality in Sac River Dredging Redding RecordSearchlight 6441
Truths about Dredging and effects on Fish Habitat Claudia Wise 6345
Research Biologist Letter to CA Gov concerning SB 670 Joseph C. Greene 5992
LawMakers Unfairly Single Out Gold Dredging 5376
Ignorance of the Law excuses no one 6140
Redding Record Searchlight Permit refund Redding Record Searchlight 5406
Miner Explains Why SB 670 is Unfair Unknown 5520
Aanestad Legislation Requests Fairness for Suction Dredge Miners 5335
Should SB 670 have been Urgent 5755
The Truth About SB 670 and Suction Dredging for Gold 7510
We can play the SB 670 game ourselves 5858
What is a Mining Right? 5940
ICMJ Mining Journal SB 670 COMMENTS 6315
Constructive Notice and Comment to CDFG 5961
Its not about the salmon ScottC 5529
The Enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage ScottC 7638
A Good Read On The Effects Of Suction Dredging 8264
Dredging on California rivers By Patricia Wiggins 6173
Mineral Resources (NOT CHECKED) in Notice of Preparation / Initial Study 5318
Carefully crafted legislation results in sound law 6306
An Old Gold Miner Venting about the state of dredging in CA 5549
Endangered Species Act Finally Meets the Fifth Amendment 6208
Environmental Lawsuits Rake in Billions for Lawyers ScottC 5961
California politicians blunder 5318

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